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Do you notice the excess fat on certain areas of your body? Do you wish to improve the shape and appearance of your body? Many patients who have these concerns have turned to liposuction for help. Liposuction is designed to specifically reshape your body by removing excess fatty deposits. The fat is suctioned out of the body using a surgical vacuum. 

Liposuction is typically seen on the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, upper arms, ankles, cheeks, and chest area. It is a safe, effective procedure. If you wish to remove those fatty deposits from your body, contact Avila Plastic Surgery today.


Defects can lead to abnormalities that threaten your appearance and your ability to function normally. An option to correct abnormalities and defects is to try reconstructive surgery. 

Avila Plastic Surgery offers a number of reconstructive procedures for your breasts, cleft palate, hands, scars, and tissues. We can remove abnormalities caused by defects or trauma. We can help you look your very best and live a comfortable life. Call us today to learn more.  


Minimize the appearance of scars with the help of Avila Plastic Surgery. Scars are often left over after an injury or surgery. Once your wound has healed, the scar may be left behind as a lasting reminder of what happened. Of course, they are often quite unsightly. We’d be happy to remove them for you.

Scar revision is a procedure to help minimize the appearance of a scar to help it blend in with your surrounding skin tone and texture. Dr. Avila can offer a minimally invasive procedure to remove your scars and provide a much more pleasing result. He can also prescribe topical treatments which can easily mask the appearance of scars. Either way, you can say goodbye to annoying scars forever. 


One of the more common reconstructive surgery procedures out there is a tummy tuck, which removes excess fat and skin on your stomach. The reason for excess fat and skin is weakened muscles, often caused by weight gain, though there are many other potential causes.

A tummy tuck is a great way to help you achieve a flat and well-toned abdomen. If exercise and dieting aren’t working as well as you would wish and you are looking to gain back a flat stomach that was lost due to aging, pregnancy, fluctuations in weight or any other cause, call Dr. Avila for a consultation today.  A tummy tuck will help create a thinner, smoother, firmer look for your stomach by removing excess fat and tightening your skin. Call us today to discuss a tummy tuck to stop the appearance of fatty skin on your stomach. 

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