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Lifting procedures are designed to correct sagging, drooping skin. There are a number of surgical procedures that tighten excess sagging skin and support the volume and shape of your body. One such procedure is an arm lift, also known as brachioplasty. Others include butt lifts, facelifts, thigh lifts, and breast lifts.


Arm lifts performed by Dr. Avila can target that sagging skin drooping low off your arms. Dr. Avila can tighten the tissue on your upper arm around where the sagging skin is located. This will reduce the drooping skin and fat seen in your upper arms. Arm lifts can help you feel comfortable wearing short sleeves and showing off your arms again. 


Sagging, drooping skin can be found on other parts of your body besides your arms. The presence of sagging skin can also be found on your buttocks. That’s why many women choose to have butt lift surgery. Avila Plastic Surgery offers butt lift procedures that can restore shape and volume to your backside.

A butt lift procedure involves removing excess tissue from your rear end. The remaining tissue will then be tightened for that firm look you desire. Contact Avila Plastic Surgery to find out if a butt lift is right for you. 


Age catches up with all of us eventually. Many people choose to delay the effects of aging as long as they possibly can. One way to do this is with a facelift, a surgical procedure which involves incisions which remove excess, dropping skin and smooths out the folds and creases on your face. 

A facelift will help you enjoy a younger appearance with fewer wrinkles and less sagging skin. Dr. Avila has the knowledge, experience, and skill you’re looking for when it comes to facelift surgery. Call our office today for a consultation and recommendation on the right procedure for you. 


Avila Plastic Surgery can help reshape your thighs with effective thigh lift surgery procedures. Thigh lifts target the excess skin and fat on your thighs, with incisions made in targeted areas to remove the excess skin and smooth these areas out.

The result of a thigh lift is thinner, tighter skin and the disappearance of wrinkles. Your thighs will look much younger and firmer. Call us today if you think this procedure is right for you.  


As part of the breast procedures conducted by Avila Plastic Surgery, Dr. Avila can provide breast lift surgery intended to restore the youthful appearance of your breasts and give them the support they need. Age and weight loss can lead to drooping, sagging breasts. Dr. Avila can correct this for you with a breast lift that will elevate your drooping breasts and remove excess skin. We can also reshape your breasts so they are more symmetrical.

Contact Dr. Avila at Avila Plastic Surgery for a consultation to discuss your concerns with your breasts and to discuss a possible solution through a breast lift. 

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